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may the java be with you
20th-May-2010 01:15 pm - It's National Draw Muhammed Day!
unfiction anakin
Today is National Draw Muhammed Day on the intarwebz. (I'd link to the "official" site, but it appears to be down, hm)

Anyone offended?
steampunk with abby
Wedding Pics!

The official pics aren't back aside from the small sample below, but we have a ton of pictures available now. Some of them haven't been scanned in or linked to Flickr yet, but this is a good representation of the day:

Official Pics:

My Dad's Pics:

The Flickr Pool:

If anyone has any posted somewhere, let me know!
26th-Feb-2010 04:18 pm - Wedding Pics
steampunk with abby
Wedding Pics!

Well, soon

Cuz it's a Friday at 4:15, and noone will look at them/comment on them now.

But Monday.... WEDDING PICS!
15th-Oct-2009 09:37 am - LiveJournalin'
unfiction anakin
Don't got much to say, just felt like postin'.

Remember when we used to get on those huge all-day LJ conversations? That was awesome! It was like hanging out in a virtual living room with all your friends.

I think we should start doing that again. Round up the peeps who aren't around any more and just "hang out" on LJ.

Anyone got a topic?
22nd-Sep-2009 04:26 pm - Hey Beekeepers!
unfiction anakin
Hey Beekeepers!

Check out the first line of the first page after the ToC in your ODST manual!

Think that's a little shou7 ou7?
27th-Aug-2009 01:40 pm(no subject)
steampunk with abby
More pics from the Clockwork Ball.

Some of you have inevitably seen this on facebook, (and a few of you now on my LJ were, y'know, there) but here it is again.

Last Saturday, Abby and I went with thunderclap8 in our steampunk finery to the Clockwork Ball. Here's the pic taken by the professional photographer there:

Clockwork Ball

DragonCon* in one week! I can't wait! We're totally pantsonfire getting the last bits of our costumes together (the con is almost 4 whole days after all, can't wear the same thing the whole time)

*oh, and I guess PAX as well..... idunno, whatever, I'm sure it'll be nice too
11th-Aug-2009 09:07 am(no subject)
unfiction anakin
Got the new Xbox update this morning.

Checked out the new Avatar Marketplace. Ooooh Steampunk! Cool! Brass goggles! I'll just... wait... what?
80 microsoft points???? A DOLLAR!?!?
Two bucks for a vest with leather harness?

Oh forget that!

Star Wars.... FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS FOR A LIGHTSABRE! You've got to be kidding me, I can buy a cheap plastic version for about that much.

Bullshit Microsoft. Bull-Fraking-Shit. I'm not spending more than 10-25 cents on a graphical representation of clothing that only appears when someone looks at my little simulacra.

Who's with me? Don't pay outrageous amounts of real money for fake goods.
25th-Jun-2009 09:17 am - True Story
unfiction anakin
Memo from HR concerning the break room:
Please do not put empty coffee pots back on hot burners, they can and will explode.

Reply from coworker:
We let Michael Bay make the coffee here?
19th-Jun-2009 02:16 pm - Who ya gonna call?
unfiction anakin
So my awesome and wonderful fiance put together a birthday dinner for me Wednesday night, AND got me the only thing I really wanted for my birthday (other than a genuine Tesla Incorporated Portable Aetheric Radium Canon), the new Ghostbusters video game. Everyone had a good time, and there was a sampler cheesecake too! My Millenium Falcon keychain is now hanging in my cubicle. Thanks baby!

I might have turned 31 that day, but that evening I turned 8 again. You see, when I was a kid, The Real Ghostbusters was my FAVORITE cartoon. Hell, I used to pretend to BE a Ghostbuster, sitting next to the TV imagining that I was another character in the show tagging along with "the guys". And that's exactly what this game is! You're the new recruit who gets to be Ray and Egon'sguinea pig Experimental Equipment Technician.

The game is spot-on. The music, the dialogue, the environments, the character models (right down to Bill Murray's cheek scar) are all perfect. Of course having Akroyd and Ramis writing, and all 4 actors reprising their roles doesn't hurt. Controlling the proton pack is VERY different than your standard video-game weapon. As the game progressed you do get some more "traditional" weapon add-ons that shoot energy projectiles at the ghosts, but it always comes back to the proton pack and the ghost trap (and yes, crossing the streams is still bad, in fact you get an achievment the first time you do it!) I've also never seen a video game that actually conveyed humor through subtle facial expressions. It's almost uncanny valley territory, but they wisely kept the character models to a kind of photorealistic charicature.

Haven't really gotten a chance to play multi-player yet, but the idea is that you're going on various "jobs" to score some cash. The games include standard CTF and Territories variants, but its always 1-4 player co-op; there's sadly no option to BE the ghosts a la Left 4 Dead.

Anyone else (going to) get it?
10th-Jun-2009 02:24 pm - CJ's glorious return to LiveJournal!
steampunk with abby
um, hi

So I haven't really used this here bloggity site much this year. I want to change that.... so... yeah, ok, let's change that.

In January, Abby and I got a puppy! Her name is Josie (or Jojo, or Josie-Jo, or Jojodog, or princess) and she's awesome! We think she's a beagle/Jack Russell mix, but there might be some dachshund in there too as she's really long. She's black and white, about 16 pounds, and has that classic "hunting dog" look. I do have pics, I'll find some good ones and post them later. She's a great dog but she ate our brand new camera! Luckily it was just the LCD screen that got damaged, but the camera is so new (Nikon L20) that replacement parts aren't available yet! Hopefully I can fix that soon.

In March we got engaged at the Renaissance Festival. You guys knew that though, I posted that. Well, if you didn't, just step back a few entries for the pic. A lot of our time has been spent planning of course. We have our photographer, (check out that site, is that guy amazing or what?) and our venue. Now to find a caterer, officiant, and DJ... oh boy.
We're also working on our "costumes" as our wedding will be themed to Victorian, Edwardian, steampunk, neo-Victorian, The Titanic, and Tombstone; all mixed together in a pastiche we're calling "the elegant past". Should be fun.

At the beginning of May, we moved into a larger apartment, as my little one bedroom bachelor pad just wasn't suiting our needs any more. The new place has a garage (which is pretty much a basement now). But that same week, Abby started full time at a new job! On top of that, my best friend nettie75 moved in with us too! She seems to be acclimating to Charlotte well, picking up new friends easily. And she landed a sweet work-from-home job (no, a real one, with an hourly wage). We've been having a lot of fun decorating and running to the new Ikea that just opened 15 minutes from us. But I swear if I never put together another flat-pack furniture piece, it'll be too soon!

At work I've been put on a huge project which, while stressful, is a very good thing in this economy.

In between all that, we went to dasrokast and Kristen's wedding, dressed up in steampunk style for our local sci-fi con (jump to 2:31 to see us in our first night's outfits), and played a bit of D&D.

So, yeah, that about sums it up. Connect with me:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1618034771 (don't really use it much, but this way Abby and I can have a "relationship status" update; and people can tag me in photos)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/coffeejedi
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/CoffeeJedi
Netflix: http://www.netflix.com/StrangerProfile?prid=1029218455 (just set that up this morning, not really sure how to use it yet)
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/coffeejedi-la_ardillita/ (my old CoffeeJedi account is locked out, and I have no stonking clue what my credentials are for it. I don't even know what email address it's linked to. Tech support hasn't been much help)
1st-Apr-2009 11:20 am - Big news!
steampunk with abby
Just realized that not everyone on here reads my Twitter or has me friended on facebook (not that I actually USE facebook, but felt obligated to have one) so you didn't see the big news. Abby and I went to the Raleigh Renaissance Faire this weekend, all decked out in true Elizabethan fashion, and well, I'll just let the picture speak for itself:

Yes, that's a ring on her finger!
We stepped off to the side of the path for some pictures, and while she was busy snapping some of our friends, I slipped it out of my belt pouch and gave them the signal to get get their cameras ready. We switched places, my buddy Erik at the ready. I said to her, "Oh, I have an idea for a cute pic, but I need to take off my hat...". I slipped it off and dropped to one knee. The details of the conversation won't be reprinted here, but suffice it say that she said yes. I stood up, we kissed, and that's when we noticed the small crowd of onlookers both in and out of period garb applauding us.

Love you baby!

(addendum: nope, not an April Fool's joke, didn't even realize that it might be mistaken for such until Thunderclap pointed it out to me)

24th-Dec-2008 01:07 pm(no subject)
unfiction anakin
Dashing through the streets
In an open top V8
Oh the banks we fleece
Laughing all the way
Shells on concrete ring
Making Gotham bright
What fun it is to rob and sing
A slay-ing song tonight

Oh, jingle bells, Batman Smells
Robin laid an egg
The Bat-mobile lost a wheel
And The Joker got away-hey!
Jingle bells, Batman Smells
Robin laid an egg
The Bat-mobile lost a wheel
And The Joker got away-hey!

A day or two ago
I thought I'd take a ride
And soon Miss Harley Quinn
Was seated by my side
The Bat was right behind
Misfortune seemed our lot
We ran into a barricade
And then almost got caught

Oh, jingle bells, Batman Smells
Robin laid an egg
The Bat-mobile lost a wheel
And The Joker got away-hey!
Jingle bells, Batman Smells
Robin laid an egg
The Bat-mobile lost a wheel
And The Joker got away-hey!

Now the ground is red
And back to the hide-out
I'm out of my head
Where is that flying mouse?!?!?!
I have to get away
Increase my running speed
Arkham has terrible Christmas food
And I don't even care if this last line rhymes! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha HA-HA-HA-HA-HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
30th-Oct-2008 12:40 pm(no subject)
I'm bored!
Someone post something political and inflammatory!
21st-Oct-2008 04:49 pm - Lonely Bachelor Pad No-more
steampunk with abby
And soon the halls of my apartment will be filled with the pitter-patter of little feet.... of a chihuahua.

Tonight, la_ardillita will finally officially merge her things with mine. Its been a gradual procession. Most nights were spent together already, it only made sense when we started calling my place "home" and her place by the names of her roommates. :)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm really really happy.
Party at my our place y'all!

(now, if I can just get my cats not to eat the dog, we'll be all set)
13th-Oct-2008 01:31 pm - costuming fun
steampunk with abby
Apparently, I have the costuming bug. I've known for a while, Halloween was always a favorite time of year, and I loved coming up with elaborate costumes and filling in all sorts of cool detail. Turns out that la_ardillita is a bit of costuming hobbyist herself. Between conventions and Renaissance faires, I think we're going to have a lot of fun.
Costuming pics ahead!Collapse )
31st-Jul-2008 10:24 am - San Fransisco
dookyweb face mood avatar
I've never gotten to do much business travel, so while to some it may seem like a chore that pulls them away from friends and family, for me its always a bit of an adventure (and the prospect of things like meal and travel reimbursement is always a plus, removing that stress). Its such an artificial feeling though, travelling for pleasure can define a person. Where you like to go, what you like to do. But business travel makes me feel like I'm in the Matrix. Nothing's quite real, there's strange forced shedules and I feel like I have to be "on" all the time.

Last Wednesday I headed out for San Fransisco. Abby (la_ardillita) kindly drove me to work in the morning so I didn't have to worry about parking, and a coworker (Jeff) and I were off in the afternoon. The highlight of the trip was definitely seeing hmrpita and ariock again, and meeting ranger_d for the first time.

Not much to say about the training itself, boring technical details. The guys at the vendor were infinitely cool though. They showed us around and took us out for drinks and dinner afterwards. It was almost like hanging with old friends. Jeff and I also had a blast just wandering the city. We even got a good glimpse of S.F. culture when the gravelly voiced "woman" singing at the pub dropped a few octaves to a rich baritone. XD

I got back Saturday, after an early 7:40am flight, which of course meant that we had to wake up at about 5am to get to the airport. Luckily it was 8am on the east coast and Abby was up to give me a wakeup call. We finally touched down in Charlotte about 6pm eastern and she was there in the baggage claim waiting for me looking beautiful in a new dress and hairstyle. She house-sat for me while I was away, taking care of Kaylee and Simba, lamenting that she left my apartment a mess (which was fine, it was a mess when I left!) Of course when I got home, my place was spotless top to bottom! She's crafty* that one...

*she's just my type!
30th-Jun-2008 10:12 am - Disney stuff
big thunder
With special appearances by Wall-E, Abby, and Negaverse Ozy.

While my original plans for this weekend were to fly to California to visit my cousin with my parents, and Disneyland with Thunderclap 8 and Hitshermark, I still managed to have a fun and Disney-focused weekend anyway.

On Saturday afternoon, Abby and I made a two hour trek up to High Point NC to see Disney/Pixar's latest masterpiece, Wall-E with a group of Disney fan bloggers and podcasters.

The trip was organized by George "Biblioadonis" from Imaginerding. Also in attendance were Ryan from Main Street Gazette, and negaverse Ozy, Jeff Pepper from 2719 Hyperion.

Why negaverse Ozy? Well, he's named Jeff, he's kinda short, bald and a self-described curmudgeon (giving the phenomenal Indiana Jones attraction at Disneyland a passing "Its decent enough"). The only difference is his obvious love for Disney. Very very strange.

After the movie, we got dinner and geeked out about Disney. Relating stories, sharing bits of trivia, gossiping about other bloggers. It was a bit like meeting the Beekeepers for the first time. :) Luckily they were kind enough to pause for me to explain arcane Dis-nerd terminology to Abby so she wasn't COMPLETELY lost.

As for the film itself- BRILLIANT. Loved every single second of it. Cannot wait for the DVD. Also the Tex Avery meets Portal short subject "Presto" is a real delight. Anyone else see it? Discuss below!
18th-Jun-2008 08:57 am(no subject)
unfiction anakin
Look out climate change deniers, here comes the science:

A point by point examination of the denialists' claims, backed up with hard science. So silliness like "its the natural cycle" or "other planets are warming up too!" can be easily dealt with.

Ok, we established its real, now can we finally start working together on doing something about it.

edit: whoops, the site's been boing-boing'd
13th-Jun-2008 10:33 am - One year? So what.
unfiction anakin
Seriously people. Calm down.

Its been one year, so what? Its an arbitrary meaningless period of time. Be rational about this, those things weren't magical, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation, and with proper scientific investigation, we WILL know what caused it. Everything is fine. Focus on the future, not the past.
23rd-May-2008 11:03 am - Halo cheats
unfiction anakin
Hey, you know that part of Halo 3, on Tsavo highway where you're up on a hill with some little buildings and Katie Sackhoff and wave after wave of pissed off Brutes come charging up the hill and all you have to defend yourself with is a woefully inaccurate mounted machine gun, panicky marines, and some prox mines (well, there's a sniper rifle too, but that might as well be a rubber band gun in my hands); and some of those aforementioned Brutes have fuel rod cannons and then finally after killing a million of them, a Wraith shows up and blows you to hell? Right, that part.

I figured out a way around it.

Run down the hill, kill the guy in back with the fuel rod gun (he won't turn around until you shoot him the first time, 3 shotgun blasts will do it), if you're lucky, the other Brutes won't notice (they're a bit busy), grab the now available fuel rod and knock the gun off the Phantom that's dropping off another hundred or so Brutes and run around the corner.

Look who it is! Its the Wraith that's not scheduled to appear until after you kill those Brutes. (my first idea at this point was to steal that and use it to kill the Brutes, that didn't work out)

Unfortunately there's a sniper tower next to the Wraith tank, but fortunately you have a fuel rod cannon, unfortunately you have to take out the tower while the tank shoots at you, but fortunately you can stay out of range easily enough. After that, kill the Wraith's gunner, and run up and pound on it, thus taking it out.

You will be rewarded with a cacophony of noises as every scripted event for this section fires at once. Johnson tells you that Covenant armor is on the way (you just blew it up), Starbuck announces that more Brutes are coming, Johnson congratulates you, Keyes says that she's coming in with reinforcements. While this is happening, Pelicans and Phantoms are popping in and out of existence above your head.

And there you go, way easier than fighting several thousand Brutes.
11th-May-2008 04:13 pm - These are my men...
potc auctioneer
I wish I was in a position of power so I could say the phrase "my men". Like:
"These are my men, they will pledge their lives to you if I order them."
"My men will kill you if you harm her."
or perhaps
"These are my men, I trust them to the ends of the earth... you I do not."

Wouldn't that be great?
9th-May-2008 02:15 pm(no subject)
unfiction anakin
So, I couldn't watch any of the NBC shows last night, including the series finale (on that network anyway) of Scrubs, because our local affiliate decided to run two hours of a guy standing in front of a map saying "now if you live here, the tornadoes will be here, lets look at this handy graph..." FOR TWO HOURS. We get it dude, tornadoes are coming, shut up and run a ticker. I think people understand "Tornado watch for Podunk county" scrolling along the bottom of their TV.

Halo was fun last night, far less frustrating than last time. My gun actually managed to kill someone for once.

I also finished Watchmen last night. I know, I know, I'm the last geek on the planet to read it. They're making a movie of it... somehow. I'm afraid it's going to suck. As fantastic as the graphic novel is, stupid moviegoers won't want to watch superheroes stand around and talk for two hours. They're going to have to change it far too much. The nuance and subtlety and brilliance will be lost.
6th-May-2008 04:01 pm - verdict: absinthe just another booze
Ha! Suck it goth kids:

As usual, we see that myths and legends get accepted as fact by people who don't use critical thinking.
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