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may the java be with you
Who ya gonna call? 
19th-Jun-2009 02:16 pm
unfiction anakin
So my awesome and wonderful fiance put together a birthday dinner for me Wednesday night, AND got me the only thing I really wanted for my birthday (other than a genuine Tesla Incorporated Portable Aetheric Radium Canon), the new Ghostbusters video game. Everyone had a good time, and there was a sampler cheesecake too! My Millenium Falcon keychain is now hanging in my cubicle. Thanks baby!

I might have turned 31 that day, but that evening I turned 8 again. You see, when I was a kid, The Real Ghostbusters was my FAVORITE cartoon. Hell, I used to pretend to BE a Ghostbuster, sitting next to the TV imagining that I was another character in the show tagging along with "the guys". And that's exactly what this game is! You're the new recruit who gets to be Ray and Egon'sguinea pig Experimental Equipment Technician.

The game is spot-on. The music, the dialogue, the environments, the character models (right down to Bill Murray's cheek scar) are all perfect. Of course having Akroyd and Ramis writing, and all 4 actors reprising their roles doesn't hurt. Controlling the proton pack is VERY different than your standard video-game weapon. As the game progressed you do get some more "traditional" weapon add-ons that shoot energy projectiles at the ghosts, but it always comes back to the proton pack and the ghost trap (and yes, crossing the streams is still bad, in fact you get an achievment the first time you do it!) I've also never seen a video game that actually conveyed humor through subtle facial expressions. It's almost uncanny valley territory, but they wisely kept the character models to a kind of photorealistic charicature.

Haven't really gotten a chance to play multi-player yet, but the idea is that you're going on various "jobs" to score some cash. The games include standard CTF and Territories variants, but its always 1-4 player co-op; there's sadly no option to BE the ghosts a la Left 4 Dead.

Anyone else (going to) get it?
19th-Jun-2009 07:17 pm (UTC)
Xbox 360
19th-Jun-2009 07:27 pm (UTC)
For the record though I totally agree. I blame most of my current nerdiness on just how much I loved Real Ghostbusters. That show has actually aged pretty well for a mid 80s cartoon!
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